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28.9 – 30.11.2017

Opening: Thursday 28.9 (6 pm)

The title of Nevan Lahart’s first solo exhibition in Belgium, Liberty Party Shop, was found on the side of a van a few doors down from his studio in The Liberties, Dublin.

Naivety is the new newspeak for courage. But what to expect, if not bunting, helium filled balloons and personalised flags? The following word salad is an appetizer of what’s on the menu.

Green Screams on Tarpaulin Travesties rendered in Payne’s Gray. History is a low rendered CGI poly mesh search engine, to add colour and form to the unconvincing backdrop of our lives. Unfashionably fathomable. Cured in el-blow grease. Distilled in despair. Gastronomically speaking it’s flavoured with some wholesome stables of Flemish liquid colour, dressed in a stodgy drizzle of Gaelic Island belligerence.

Nevan Lahart (°1973) is a Dublin-based visual artist, working in a wide variety of media: painting, sculpture, installation, video, animation and performance. The subject matter of his work could be described as encompassing television, the media, social and political perceptions and the history of art and life as he finds it. His art practice aims to engage in creative collaboration in ways that may be seen as either humorous or deeply subversive. Recent exhibitions include Newtopia - Mechelen (2012), the Gothenburg Biennial (2013) and IMMA Collection: A Decade, Irish Museum of Modern Art - Dublin (2016), as well as solo exhibitions at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios - Dublin, Triskel Arts Center - Cork, and Kevin Kavanagh Gallery - Dublin.