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22.9.2016 - 8.1.2017

Winner of the Young Belgian Art Prize 2015, Brussels-based Emmanuelle Quertain responded to KRIEG's invitation with three brand new series of paintings, all rooted in the idea that each subjectivity is divided, even fragmented.

One of the three series started with a set of dossiers a befriended lawyer gave her, including photos and personal information from 37 young victims of the recent Kurdish-Turkish conflict. However, to the artist, painting the portrait of a dead person is as political as painting a flower - as she proofs in the second series. For the third series of paintings, Quertain took a phrase by Hannah Arendt, in which the philosopher draws a political portrait of the Mass Man, and illustrated all seven characteristics.

On occasion of the exhibition, an artist publication has been published.

Find here an in-depth review by Alicja Melzacka.